Samsung’s latest gaming monitors have curves and Quantum Dots

Samsung's latest gaming monitors have curves and Quantum Dots

Samsung is seriously getting into gaming with a pair of curved CFG70 monitors designed to keep up with competitive multiplayer.

Available in 24- and 27-inch screen sizes, the Samsung CFG70 gaming monitors promise to deliver silky smooth full HD gaming with 1ms response time. A Samsung rep also explained how the monitor is programmed to refresh the picture by dividing up the display into quarters, whereas most gaming monitors refresh globally.

To help reduce flickering, the display also incorporates…
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Barbra Streisand tells Jimmy Fallon about her beef with Siri

We heard a few days ago that Barbra Streisand decided to pick up the phone and call none other than Tim Cook to demand a certain update in Siri. She wasn’t happy with the way Siri pronounces her name, and the Apple CEO obliged, letting her know that it’ll all be fixed come September 30th. Naturally, all tech blogs speculated that we’re going to get a new version of iOS on that date, likely the first iOS 10 release, though it would be a little late compared to Apple’s usual iOS rollout. But this isn’t about that at all. No, we’re just going to take a look at Streisand explaining the entire thing to Jimmy Fallon. DON’T MISS: Solid source says he knows exactly when Apple will rele…
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